• Amount Collected: $27,544.35
    "Very professional and trustworthy in all aspects of your service. "
  • Amount Collected: $35,994.23
    "I knew about the funds but not what to do to get the funds. EVERYTHING!! Especially, even though I failed to stay in contact, you kept going on until the funds were recovered!!"
  • Amount Collected: $11,718.34
    "Although I was untrusting, you and Global came through with all that was stated. Thank you."
  • Amount Collected: $31,629.33
    "Global Discoveries has provided a sevice that exceeds other vendors that we have worked with, with its thoroughness and attn to detail"
  • Amount Collected: $20,386.72
    "Global Discoveries, were straight forward honest and delivered as promised. "
  • Amount Collected: $6,219.50
    "You were a very caring group to handle this estate. Thank you very much. Matilda"
  • Amount Collected: $33,439.29
    "thank you for your tireless responses to our questions about the progress, you were always helpful."
  • Amount Collected: $15,807.23
    "I recieved other notices. Yours was the only one I considered. BBB membership helped. I have received my payment. "
  • Amount Collected: $200,000.00
    "Getting a check for the balance of my father's estate which he had placed in trust for me. Best of all--taking it back from an unscrupulous "grave robber" in whom my late father had misplaced a great deal of trust. Thank you Scott!"
  • Amount Collected: $64,344.93
    "The amazing service and the first initial letter. It was a waiting period but at the end it was a life changing opportunity. Thank you so much."